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Do Brand New Lawn Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened?

Buying a lawn mower for your garden or yard can be a difficult choice. But once you take the decision and buy the lawn mower, there are further questions that comes to your mind such as; which are the large deck walk behind mowers that you should consider? Do brand new lawn mower blades need to be sharpened? Many people gets confused about this and have no clue how to start. Fortunately, your brand new lawn mower already comes with a sharp blade so you don’t have to go through the hustle to sharp it again.

large deck walk behind mowers

The perfect height of the lawn and an excellent cut depend particularly on the sharpness of your mower blade in the lawn mower. Regardless of whether you have a petrol mower, electric mower or cordless mower, a blade is always used in all of these types of devices when it comes to mowing your garden. These cutting blades can of course wear out, crack or become dull quickly due to the constant load. All of these factors add up to affect the mowing process.

Recognize dull blades?

You can recognize a dull blade by the signs that due to the blades of your lawn mower, the grass is not evenly long or have not been cut straight. Most of the time, the ends of the blades of grass are extremely frayed.

Lawn mower blade cutting edge damaged

With blades that have not been sharpened or replaced for a long time, the grass is torn rather than cut cleanly, as is actually the sense and purpose. The blades of riding lawn mowers, electric or cordless lawn mowers in their damaged form are more susceptible to certain fungi and bacterial attack. This is mainly due to the fact that your lawn loses more water due to the unclean surface and thus dries out faster.

No matter how big a motor with powerful power is in your lawnmower, the damaged blade has to be sharpened or, in the worst case, replaced.

Why is my lawnmower blade getting dull?

The intervals at which your blade has to be sharpened naturally depends on the wear and tear and the use of your mower. A crucial point here is of course the size of your lawn. You also have to think about the condition of the soil. If there are many roots, branches or stones in your garden, the cutting blade of your device will of course wear out faster.

Height adjustment lawn mower

You can also improve the efficiency of the blade in a certain way by optimally adjusting the cutting height of the lawnmower. For example, it is important that the mower blade does not penetrate too deeply into the ground, as this will wear out your blade more quickly and then too low height of the lawn also promotes the growth of weeds and moss.

My lawnmower blade is dull, now what?

If you have noticed that your mower blade is no longer sharp enough, there are several options. If the blade is too worn and has been around for a few years, it may well be that a new knife is needed.

Lawn mower blade cutting edge damaged

Normally, however, you can sharpen a worn knife. There are of course a wide variety of methods for this. You can sharpen your cutting knife yourself or give it to a trained professional. Anyone who lends a hand should be aware of all the risks and observe various safety conditions so that there are no injuries.

You can find out how to properly sharpen a blade at

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