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What are the qualities of a suitable shaver for sensitive skin?

While many of the electric razors out there will work fine for most men, there are a few things to keep in mind if your skin is prone to irritation.

As someone who has dealt with this problem for years, I have used many razors in order to find one that won’t leave my face feeling like it’s on fire.

In my personal experience, these are the most important features to consider:

electric shaver for sensitive skin

1. Sharp blades

It may be a bit surprising to start with this one, but a high-quality sharp blade is one of the main features of a razor suitable for sensitive skin. A blade that quickly becomes dull will cause your hairs to tug, and won’t shave as close as it normally would.

This eventually results in you applying more pressure to the face and you will have to make several passes in the same area, causing skin chafing and irritation.

A great example of quality blades is Panasonic’s 30-degree nano blades which shave at a 30-degree angle as the name suggests. This allows the blade to make a much more efficient cut without any pull.

Also, you always have to consider replacement parts when looking for a new electric shaver for sensitive skin. These should be easily found and not very expensive.

2. A fast engine

You will definitely feel the difference between a motor that oscillates at 8,000 CPM (cycles per minute) and one that operates at 14,000.

A powerful motor will deliver a faster, smoother shave with fewer passes required, applying little or almost no pressure and contributing to a much more comfortable shaving experience.

electric shaver for sensitive skin

3. A shaving head that does not heat up during operation

This is another important and often neglected aspect. If the surface that comes into contact with the skin becomes very hot due to the friction between the inner blades and the foil, it will cause great discomfort.

You should also regularly lubricate your electric shaver to reduce the heat produced during use and also minimize wear on the blades.

4. Must be good at dealing with long facial hair and different growth patterns

As someone with sensitive skin, you know that sometimes you have to wait a couple of days or more between shaving sessions. Your skin needs some time to recover before subjecting it to a potentially irritating factor again, like a piece of metal rubbing against it.

Therefore, a proper electric shaver should cope with longer facial hair. Also, a lot of shavers have some problems shaving facial hairs that grow in different directions, especially on the neck, which requires multiple strokes thus increasing the risk of irritation.

5. Wet and dry operation

As I said in a previous article, shaving on a wet face can be very beneficial for men with sensitive skin.

Even though it takes longer and requires more prep work, it can make a big difference for some men. You should definitely give it a try if your electric razor for sensitive skin is a good wet/dry razor.

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