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Tuesday, March 28News That Matters

Giveaways to Customers: Choose Custom Damascus Kitchen Knives Sets

The personalized gifts for client are a great marketing strategy to keep them attracted to your business. This type of gift delights new business partners, demonstrates that you see them as someone important and even makes your company name easily engraved, which is great for future business.

Improving your relationship with your audience may be one reason to implement this strategy, but it shouldn’t be done without in-depth research to understand what this audience likes and what objects to avoid.

A good tip for not making mistakes is to bet on things that can be incorporated into the routine, such as Damascus kitchen knife set, . In addition to becoming an accessory for everyday life, advertising this type of accessory is wonderful. How can you forget the brand name that is engraved on that object that comes with you every day?

Knives are outstanding objects, and cannot be left out of your list of corporate gifts for customers. 

Gifts for customers: why customize?

Personalizing gifts may even seem like “freshness”, but this detail can be a very important point of your marketing strategy. Often, the gift is the first, and only, contact that the customer will have with your brand, and that small symbol, which could be your logo, or the logo of a special action, will be responsible for this presentation.

Information such as name and contact are essential, but if space allows, it is important to record, in a sentence, or a few words, something that represents your company’s identity. For knives, for example, some quote about perseverance, endurance or even strength can be used.

Adding brand value is also an advantage of this type of gift, as it represents something more, as if this care explained “we are much more than a company, we are someone who cares”. Delivering more than just a product is one of the important strategies in the market today, start using it today!

Custom Knives: A Useful and Durable Gift

Does your brand value values ​​such as its own identity and a spirit of resistance? Knives can be a great option. They demonstrate attitude and personality , two characteristics that are sure to surprise your customers.

Another advantage of custom knives is that they can be incorporated into different everyday situations, a perfect opportunity to leave the memory of your brand alive in the client’s routine. At the weekend barbecue, she may even receive a new load of feelings for her toast, and therefore for her brand.

Do you want to go further? Assemble a barbecue kit

For an even more powerful custom knife strategy, our tip is the CIMO barbecue kits . This can be a great gift for that list of customers who are already part of your VIP list, or for important partners who have just arrived at your company.

That barbecue is a national passion, everyone knows that, so why not take this opportunity to give your customers a gift. A complete kit with knives , a stand and a special support can even be part of your customer’s socializing space, the perfect place for them to comment with friends about the special gift they received.

To make this kit even more special, it’s worth recording the names of some of the most important customers, a thank you message , and even a fun phrase that reminds you of the importance that this contact represents in your company.

The cost-effectiveness of custom knives

Making the customer feel special is one of the basic principles of this type of strategy, and giving this group something worthless, and that doesn’t show your company’s personality, doesn’t make this an effective idea. To truly surprise you must innovate .

Cutlery CIMO knives and knives offer quality and attitude that can help you in this loyalty process. Produced with stainless steel, our priority is attention to detail, whether technical or aesthetic.

The success of a marketing action can be achieved through several ways, and one of them is the commitment that you and your team make available for this type of practice to be done in the best possible way. Don’t commit to a company that doesn’t respect its customers, or its strategies.

Are you convinced of the advantages of offering a knife or barbecue kit as a gift to your customers? Betting is a way to establish a consistent relationship with the public . So check out our customer giveaways now and get ahead of the competition!

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