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How To Pick the Right Sunglasses Frame for Your Face?

With the multitude of shapes in which sunglasses are available, the decision for a new model is not always easy. Many wonder whether a version suits them at all. In addition to your own taste, other factors can make the selection easier and provide an answer to this question. For example, it is possible to orientate yourself on your own face shape, because certain sunglasses suit some faces better than others. But it is always tricky to see how to pick the right sunglasses frame for your face? Let’s get into it.

Which sunglasses suit your face shape?

Even if every face is unique, the following four basic shapes can be characterized:

– Angular

– Round

– Heart-shaped

– oval

But which sunglasses are the best for you? To do this, you first have to find out what shape your face is. You can then follow a simple rule: The frame of the sunglasses looks particularly harmonious when it contrasts with your facial features. The following overview reveals what that means in detail and which frames suit you particularly well.

Tip: If you want to find out the shape of your face, stand in front of a mirror and trace your facial features with a lipstick. You can also see smart app to figure out the shape of your face and also exclusive designs for everyone especially sunglasses for men in Pakistan.

1. Best sunglasses for oval face female and males

Oval faces look particularly harmonious because their proportions are very balanced. The forehead and chin are usually slightly narrower, while the cheeks are more pronounced. If your face is oval, you are in luck because almost any pair of sunglasses looks good on you. The choice here is more about which effect you want to achieve. Angular glasses provide more distinctive contours, round frames for soft features. However, make sure that very narrow frames stretch your face optically and that it can appear very long.

2. Sunglasses for round faces men and women

The features of round faces are not very well defined and appear particularly soft. The forehead and cheeks are roughly the same width, the chin is round. With rectangular and square sunglasses you give the face more contour and stretch it optically. Frames with narrow rims further enhance this effect. Butterfly and asymmetrical shapes, which are narrower at the bottom, also distract from the very soft facial features. Round and small frames, on the other hand, tend to underline them. This way you can pick the right sunglasses frame for your face

3. Sunglasses for heart shaped face people

A broad forehead, pronounced cheeks and a narrow, pointed chin are typical of heart-shaped faces. Sunglasses that balance your chin and forehead are the best choice. You want to soften the chin without emphasizing the wider forehead too much. This works, for example, with round frames and pilot shapes .

4. Sunglasses for square face shape female and males

With angular faces, the forehead, cheeks and jawbone are about the same width. Round sunglasses and pilot shapes are ideal to give the distinctive features of these faces a softer look. Butterfly and cat-eye frames are also suitable . Square sunglasses, on the other hand, emphasize the existing facial features and give them a somewhat more austere look.

The right sunglasses – further tips

As is well known, exceptions confirm the rule. It’s no different when it comes to choosing sunglasses that fit your face, as the following points show.

  • When it comes to the shape of the sunglasses, always remember that they are not only a fashion accessory, but also helpful sun protection. The model should fit your face, but it should also have certain UV protection characteristics. This means that the frame is as wide as possible as your face in the area of ​​the temples, in order to prevent stray light from entering from the side. It is also ideal if the frame is at least flush with your eyes, but can also be higher so that the light does not shine behind the sunglasses from above.
  • Think about what impression you want to create with the sunglasses. Especially for an eye-catching look, the frame can be a little larger and more daring. Unusual designs such as elaborately decorated temples are real eye-catchers and give a look that certain something.

These tips may help you to do a wise decision and to pick the right sunglasses frame for your face.

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