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Tuesday, March 28News That Matters

Latest Technological Improvements to Compliment Your Life at Home

The modern world is constantly changing. Just imagine how impossible to comprehend it was that people will be carrying pocket touch-screen computers in their pockets, merely 15 years ago. In accordance with the world, naturally, the home environment is also changing. While ridding your home from technology is perfectly achievable, the huge range of benefits that tech innovations can bring upon is more than worth your dedication. Tons of new gadgets and products will doubtlessly make your home more functional, smarter and generally more fun to experience. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a list of useful gadgets, for your convenience.

Remote-control lights

Admittedly, this technology has, indeed, been around for quite some time now; however, with the huge speed at which the technology has been developing over the course of last couple of decades, remote-control lights have rather picked up pace towards becoming a common thing, rather than a commodity. Not only can lights be remotely controlled nowadays, but this can be done from your smartphone. It is amazing how accurate sci-fi movies were a couple of decades ago and it’s even more amazing that we’re seemingly living the future!

Wireless A/C

Lights aren’t the only thing easily-controllable from your smartphone. Innovative tech advancement mounts to your wall, sending infrared signals to you’re A/C device, allowing you to control it from the comforts of your couch. Geofencing is also included, which means that you can effortlessly program this device to turn on and off as you walk into or out of your house.

WeMo switch

To top it off, an innovative device called WeMo lets you use your phone to control virtually anything you plug into it from your phone, be it a fan, or a dialysis machine! Much like the previously mentioned, WeMo comes equipped with a motion sensors, easily programmable to turn off or on whenever it senses motion within a 10 feet distance.

Temperature control sheets

While having everything delivered to you through a smartphone may well be a thing of luxury, out of laziness, there are many innovations that truly are pleasant, while also useful. Originally developed by NASA, the Outlast sheets are embroidered with tiny heat-absorbing capsules, which release this heat when you get cold. This technology is used for military combat clothing, which is more than a guarantee of its reliability. Furthermore, the price range rests from $150 onwards, which is more than affordable, when you consider all the benefits. These sheets are perfect for those cold nights, when you simply need some fresh air.

Stain-proof couch

Yes, this is actually a thing nowadays. Crypton, for example, has come with an innovative solution, coating every fiber of its fabric in stain repellents, making the furniture perpetually stain-proof, but not at the cost of comfort. What better way to keep your couch clean, than to buy it originally spill-proof.


On the previous note, there’s a limit to buying stain-proof furniture. Furthermore, furniture itself isn’t the only target of spillage and staining. Luckily, supplements, such as Rust-Oleum NeverWet specialize in protecting your fabric. Even the outdoor furniture can benefit from this protective supplement.

Home theatre

It used to be that having a home theatre was a thing affordable only for those with hefty paychecks. Nowadays, however, Home Theatre Brisbane offers less than pricey solutions for your movie and TV show experience. Make sure, though, to compliment your home theatre room with a proper 5.1 surround system. It is generally advised to paint your walls in dark color, for a perfect cinema experience, as well as to sound-proof your room, for your enjoyment’s and your neighbors’ collective sakes.

Burglar-proof windows

Although these cost twice as much your regular windows do, this is a more than worthy investment. Although they are primarily made to meet the hurricane standards, they are more than enough to keep the bad guys away from your premises. Complimentary for energy efficiency, as well as for noise resistance, they are more than a smart choice for any home

The mentioned smart home tech solutions can go a long way in making your life more comfortable, more efficient and safer in general. Additionally, most of these are more than affordable investments.

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