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Which Smartphone Has The Best Camera?

The first few things one considers when buying a cell phone is the price, followed by the camera megapixel rating. People probably reason that it is better to carry one gadget instead of two—a mobile phone, not a phone and camera. Moreover, when you need to take a picture, you don’t always have a camera with you. But a phone? It’s ubiqui­tous, the always-there device. Due to die increasing demand for camera phones, the megapixel war is growing sharper.

Once the regular phone costing around $100 used to sport a 3.2 MP camera. That has long since been replaced by the 5 MP lens of current vintage. Now, dominating the high-end smart-phone domain is the 8MP camera with features like LED flash, auto focus, various scenes and image capturing mode.

With Nokia’s N8 (12 MP shooter) acclaimed by many around the world as the best camera phone around, the bench­mark has been further raised. All the major players, including Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and HTC, are try­ing to offer the best they can, in the process befuddling the consumers. To make things simpler for them, we have this quick comparison of the latest smartphones boasting 8 MP sensors. In the ring are the HTC Incredible S, Nokia C7, Sony Ericsson Arc, LG Optimus 2x and Samsung Galaxy SII.

Samsung Galaxy II

Sony Ericsson Arc

Nokia C7

HTC Incredible S

LG Optimus 2x

Bright Day Light:

Nokia C7 produced the results that looked natural and crisp. LG Optimus 2x rated second. The im­ages produced by Samsung Galaxy S II and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc were good but over saturated. The HTC Incredible S pictures appeared washed out.

Decently LIT Ambience at Night, Without Flash:

Sony Ericsson Arc managed the best photo, followed by Samsung Galaxy SII. The result of the HTC Incredible S wasn’t as dork as that of the Optimus 2x, but had a slightly red tinge. Image captured by the Nokia C7 was the worst

Tip: Always keep ISO level at 100-200 maximum.


Here, Samsung Galaxy SII topped the charts, Sony Ericsson Arc and HTC Incredible S did a good job too, Optimus 2x wasn’t disappoint­ing either. But the Nokia C7 completely flattened the colors and the image looked washed out.

Portrait – In Door

Nokia C7 retained the skin shade in combination with the surroundings and similar is our opinion for the Samsung Galaxy SII. The HTC Incredible S had clarity but was relatively dark. Sony Ericsson Arc and LG Optimus 2x images gave an unnatrual bluish tinge to white.

Object – Indoor with Flash

Sony Ericsson Arc performed the best. Even Nokia C7 did a good job. Little noise was visible in the images captured by HTC Incredible S, The background wasn’t lit up well in pictures captured by the Samsung Galaxy SII. LG Optimus 2x added a yellowish tinge.

Evening – Outdoor

Once again Nokia C7 did the best job. The Sony Ericsson Arc also produced good results, though the HTC Incredible S’s were better. The image captured by the Galaxy SII had a greenish and reddish hues at two different spots. The Optimus 2x returned an overall green Tinge.


No one camera was out­standing in all scenarios. But the Samsung Galaxy SII overall managed the best and we rated it the winner as the best camera phone. The Nokia C7 and Sony Ericsson arc scored equal points, but Nokia edged ahead due to price advantage. HTC Incredible S also fared well, but the LG Optimus 2x was disappointing.

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